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Join Keyto on ShareASale

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We’ve had some great new client announcements this year but the team is excited about this one on a more personal level. Half of Apogee is taking part in the keto lifestyle right now. Our new launch is Keyto, a revolutionary new product with thousands of satisfied customers, and you can join Keyto on ShareASale right now.

Keyto is the key to burning fat faster. With the Keyto breathalyzer, users no longer have to experience painful, awkward or invasive feelings just to check for ketosis. Users simply need to breathe into the sensor and track their status using the app. Keyto Premium offers users the breath sensor to check for ketosis and support weight loss and premium app access. Keyto offers delicious Key Eats recipes, personalized meal plans, an MD-approved food guide, in-app support groups and a free Keyto food box. Keyto makes sticking to and being successful in the keto lifestyle easy.  

The Keyto affiliate program will be managed by Anne Parris with the assistance of Apogee Outreach Manager Lynsey Kmetz, who is a keto blogger and influencer. Their knowledge of the lifestyle and relationships with bloggers and content creators in the food and keto niche will help the program blossom. 

Join  Keyto    

  • Base commission: 10%     
  • Tracking: 90 days
  • Frequent promotions
  • Advanced attribution rules with ShareASale Conversion Lines
  • $2 two-tier signup bonus
  • Personal attention from dedicated managers 
  • Sign up exclusively on the ShareASale network    
Join Keyto on ShareASale

We have set the program for auto-deposit of funds and it has a 2-tier signup bonus available.     

Like all programs managed by Apogee, we manually approve applications to the Keyto  affiliate program. We protect it with BrandVerity. 

Join Keyto on ShareASale

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Greg Hoffman
Greg Hoffman is the CEO/CMO of Apogee, a digital advertising agency. Greg was named the Affiliate Marketing Advocate of the Year by Affiliate Summit in 2016. In 2014, Apogee, as Greg Hoffman Consulting, was the recipient of the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Best OPM/Agency. Greg is a photographer, vinyl record lover, a tropical fish keeper and a comic book collector. He writes with a fancy pencil to annoy his digital-minded colleagues.

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  1. Join Keyto on ShareASale

    I working on keto for men. This is great. Sign me up!

    • Join Keyto on ShareASale

      One of us will approve you as soon as we see the application, Ken.


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