Greg Hoffman Consulting Rebrands to Apogee

Greg Hoffman Consulting Rebrands to Apogee

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After seven years of award-winning affiliate program management, Greg Hoffman Consulting is rebranding today to Apogee, a performance marketing agency. The evolution of what was once a one-man shop with a handful of successful programs, Apogee is now a full team of experts managing major national brands such as Firestone Complete Auto Care, Sears PartsDirect and Snake River Farms.

Our mission statement reflects the definition of the new agency name.

Apogee reaches for the highest point of integrity in performance marketing by advocating for merchants and affiliates and teaching each to value the other.

Affiliates and merchants will not notice a difference in program management. The Apogee team still manages programs together and gives each program the highest level of customer service. We maintain our boutique agency status but we have a strategic growth plan for 2016 that includes expanding services to our current clients. As affiliate managers, we are the bridge between affiliates and merchants; our mission is to make both sides profitable while enforcing high standards of integrity and ethical practices.

Greg Hoffman is the chief strategist of program structure, analysis and direction for all our clients. Cindy Ballard, now the COO of Apogee, is in charge of deals, reviews, newsletter content and FTC compliance. Daniel M. Clark, now the agency CTO, creates custom reporting solutions, optimizes datafeeds and product catalogs, oversees pixel integrations and edits the crap out of everything we write [Ed. Note: And normally I’d strike that last bit. But I’ll allow it this time because it’s so, so true.] Jennifer Crego is our Marketing Manager and is helping the agency move to the next level through strategic marketing moves. Behind the scenes, Jen Hoffman keeps the office running smoothly as our Business Manager. We also have several sub-contractors for recruiting and ongoing projects.

Greg Hoffman Consulting Rebrands to ApogeeThe diversity of backgrounds of the team members gives Apogee the ability to service every level of client under retainer and always be proactive in our affiliate management. Greg has the affiliate manager background, but Cindy and Daniel were affiliates and Jennifer was a merchant. Those perspectives make them valuable managers. We debate well and communicate freely. The team atmosphere strengthens us as we grow.

Apogee has a defined set of services to choose from. Our Premium Affiliate Program Management level gives merchants everything they need for strong, responsible growth expectations. With an aggressive recruiting strategy, we will work with the best of the best for these clients. We also monitor for coupon, datafeed and paid search compliance and optimization.

Also on offer is the Tune-up, a one-time service which begins with a free audit and ends with full implementation of all recommended changes and fixes to the program before we hand the keys back to the merchant. For those merchants that need ongoing help with a program but do not need the Premium service, we have the Tune-Up Plus Maintenance level. This allows our team to perform basic services and keeps the program on a steady course moving forward. We also have excellent referrals for social media, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and public relations.

It’s an exciting time for us here at Apogee. We’re glad you’re here to see us off on the next step of our journey.

~ Greg, Cindy, Daniel, Jennifer, and Jen

Greg Hoffman Consulting Rebrands to Apogee

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Greg Hoffman
Greg Hoffman is the CEO/CMO of Apogee, a digital advertising agency. Greg was named the Affiliate Marketing Advocate of the Year by Affiliate Summit in 2016. In 2014, Apogee, as Greg Hoffman Consulting, was the recipient of the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Best OPM/Agency. Greg is a photographer, vinyl record lover, a tropical fish keeper and a comic book collector. He writes with a fancy pencil to annoy his digital-minded colleagues.

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Greg Hoffman Consulting Rebrands to Apogee

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