Anne Parris Joins Apogee

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Anne Parris Joins Apogee

The Apogee team grew again this month by adding a blogging veteran and an influencer of influencers. Anne Parris joined the team as our Affiliate Marketing Coordinator and has already brought in some exciting new partners to our programs.

Join Vanna Belt on ShareASale | Promote Diet and Exercise Enhancement!

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Join Vanna Belt | Affiliate Program Managed by Apogee

Jovanna Correa and the Vanna Belt team built a social media empire based on their fitness products and the secrets they share for a South Beach body. Customers really love those products. Vanna Belt products have helped women around the world see real results. The products are designed to enhance diet and exercise routines and ultimately, Vanna Belt aims to empower women to feel even more comfortable in their own skin.

Apogee Live: Performance Health Affiliate Program

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Apogee Live: Performance Health

We had two subject matter experts from Performance Health join us on this week’s Apogee Live. Brock Ball and Kelly Miller joined the Apogee team to discuss products and how affiliates can promote them. Performance Health is best known for Biofreeze, their popular consumer product.